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The Ultimate Gadget & Tech Experience
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What Our Members Say

Read how Gadget User has delighted its members with
top-notch products and thrilling experiences:

I recently won the Lumicharge T2W! It makes for a great bedside table lamp in my bedroom. I like the three different types of LED lights as well as the built in wireless phone charger! The display screen has adjustable brightness and displays the current time and indoor temperature. Other features include an alarm and Bluetooth speaker which both work well but are not features I typically use on this product. Overall this product is very useful and it looks pretty nice too.
Travis Ramanaden
I was fortunate to win the Jaybrid Vista Earphones from Gadget User. Initially the sound wasn't great, but when I worked out how to fit them properly, the sounds is great! I use them everyday and the battery lasts ages. USB C charging too. Definitely recommend if you're in the market for some small earphones (especially for activity).
Ben Pollard
Thank you for sponsoring such a great giveaway and a cool prize in the 495W Projector Vankyo gadget giveaway. I received the projector quickly and communication with the sponsor was excellent! I think it's really cool that giveaways like this can happen and the sponsor can give out really useful and cool products. This projector is something that I use from time to time and it's fun to utilize around family and friends. Thank you so much!
John Dallas
I received the Reviiv Knee + in August from a giveaway here on GadgetUser, and have enjoyed using it since then. I was really excited to win for both me and my husband. Both of his knees are not in the best shape, so I was excited for him to try it out. I also have arthritis in my wrists, so I was also happy to give it a shot for myself.My husband hasn't really used it, but that's okay because it's given me a chance to try it out. I love that it's easy to use and I can just lay it on my wrists when I'm watching TV or laying with our dogs. I feel like there's been slight improvement in the pain, in that it takes longer for it to appear and doesn't seem as severe.I would love if they made straps for smaller areas like the wrists, though!
Lauren Peterson
Excellent experience all-around! I was so excited to get the winning email. The laptop was shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition. The person who received the children's laptop was very pleased with the quality. Thank you for sponsoring such a great giveaway.
Kimmy R
I was delighted to win the Oclean W10 from Chris at Gadget User. Although I'm very clear about the importance and benefits of flossing, I can't stand doing it, especially when I'm exhausted at night. The Oclean makes flossing much less tiresome, and I like that the W10 is cord/pipe-less, so that you don't need to be near a power socket to use it. It's great, and so is Chris and his team at Gadget User.
Andrew Saffer
Back in March I was exited to learn I won a pair of Fokus headphones that enhances spoken audio content by making vocals crisper and clearer. I didn't open them right away but recently went away and used on the plane. They made my trip very enjoyable. Very stylish and comfortable also.
Vincenza Buffalino
I was over the moon excited when I found out I had actually won a prize!! I was even more excited when my Fokus headphones arrived! They are amazing! Very high quality and they work perfect. With a family of 3 online learning and me doing Zoom meetings these were the perfect gadget for our family.
Angela Wright
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