Thank you for sponsoring such a great giveaway and a cool prize in the 495W Projector Vankyo gadget giveaway. I received the projector quickly and communication with the sponsor was excellent! I think it's really cool that giveaways like this can happen and the sponsor can give out really useful and cool products. This projector is something that I use from time to time and it's fun to utilize around family and friends. Thank you so much!

John dallas
May 18, 2023

We are excited and very pleased with our new Vankyo Leisure 495W projector. The image quality is excellent and allows us to have larger-than-life movie or video game nights.On the audio side, the device has a built-in speaker that helps but is not very powerful: however, it also features a 3.5mm audio jack that can be used to connect the projector to a stereo system for an ultimate multimedia experience. On our side, we opted for the purchase of an HDMI hub that extracts the audio and sends it to our stereo system BEFORE transmitting the audio/video signal to the projector, which simplifies the connections and reduces the number of wires needed. At the same time, this HDMI hub allows us to choose, with the push of a button, to watch the image on the TV or on the projector, depending on our needs.The projector has several image options and can be connected to many types of devices. Among other things, it offers the ability to reduce the size of the image, which was vital for us since the default size is well beyond the 100-inch retractable screen we have installed in the living room. Only one small hitch: the reduced image size is only effective when projecting the movie; but as soon as we access the projector's various menus, the image temporarily returns to the maximum size, so some menu options end up outside the screen, such as on the living room furniture or on the cat sleeping peacefully on the desk 😉. But apart from this small detail, so far we have only good words for this device.

Melanie Camirand
January 23, 2023

I received the Reviiv Knee + in August from a giveaway here on GadgetUser, and have enjoyed using it since then. I was really excited to win for both me and my husband. Both of his knees are not in the best shape, so I was excited for him to try it out. I also have arthritis in my wrists, so I was also happy to give it a shot for myself.My husband hasn't really used it, but that's okay because it's given me a chance to try it out. I love that it's easy to use and I can just lay it on my wrists when I'm watching TV or laying with our dogs. I feel like there's been slight improvement in the pain, in that it takes longer for it to appear and doesn't seem as severe.I would love if they made straps for smaller areas like the wrists, though!

Lauren Peterson
November 15, 2022

My family loves the Tanoshi Safe Volume Kids Headphone, Pocasts and youtube videos are always crisp and clear and always at a reasonable, not ear-splitting, volume. In addition, they are comfortable and stylish. I highly recommend.

Annalisa Christina Kraft-Linder
November 11, 2022

Excellent experience all-around! I was so excited to get the winning email. The laptop was shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition. The person who received the children's laptop was very pleased with the quality. Thank you for sponsoring such a great giveaway.

Kimmy R
November 11, 2022

Recently I won the GoSun Chillest giveaway. This is not your usual ice chest. When charged It cools very fast. If you wanted to, you can set it below freezing temps. You can also charge by usb in your vehicle. We took it on vacation and loved it.

Chadwick Clement
November 9, 2022

I had the good fortune to win an Olight Seeker 3 Pro from Gadget User. The output from this light is fantastic. It's a solid, well-built flashlight. It did take a little time to get use to the dial, it's not like normal button. You rotate it slowly to the right to increase it or counter rotate it to decrease it. The proximity sensor is very cool. On higher output, I can put it on my desk next to my laptop and it won't burn the house down. Speaking of heat build-up, the Olight Seeker 3 Pro can generate a lot of it. Causing a handwarmer effect is an ultimate output of – wait for it – 4,200 lumens. This is now my favourite go to EDC flashlight. I was ecstatic to win this prize and to try out it out. I liked it so much I ended up buying an Olight Array 2S and have more plans to buy additional Olight lamps. Shout out to Gadget User for making this possible. Make sure you follow Gadget User for the latest gizmos and tech products, for your chance to win just like me.

Ryan Leeder
August 19, 2022

I couldn't have ben more excited! This product is exceptional, and I can't wait to use it.

Ray D. House
August 12, 2022

When I won the Olight Seeker 3 Pro from GadgetUser, I was over the moon! And I never win anything! I unwrapped the lovely high quality box it came packaged in, and the components were all inside, neatly organised. The torch was solid and weighty, which I appreciate. The charger is the real winner here, an awesome magnetic fastening charger that simply jumps onto the back of the torch without any effort. It charges via USB and didn't take long at all.The torch was exceptionally bright. It could easily be seen from hundreds of metres away, and at the same time easily lights up even the darkest areas with huge volumes of light. The torch gets warm with this maximum brightness setting, and it chews through battery life quickly - but thankfully there's a battery indicator which tells me how much juice I have left.On regular mode the torch easily outlasted our 3-day camping trip! It was very handy there, where it could shine plenty of light across long distances to help us see everything at night.I thank Gadget User for this amazing prize, and also recommend it for anyone keen to get a solid, high quality long-life torch!

Mark P
August 9, 2022

I was delighted to win the Oclean W10 from Chris at Gadget User. Although I'm very clear about the importance and benefits of flossing, I can't stand doing it, especially when I'm exhausted at night. The Oclean makes flossing much less tiresome, and I like that the W10 is cord/pipe-less, so that you don't need to be near a power socket to use it. It's great, and so is Chris and his team at Gadget User.

Andrew Saffer
July 9, 2022

I gifted the Gadget User for the Fokus podcast headphones to my good friend Andrew, as he is a co-host at Small Market Podcast. He said the headphones work great and he's looking forward to using them for a long time to come. The sound quality is awesome! These are also made for business/zoom calls which is a plus. So many meetings are done this way now. Thanks for the awesome product!

Amber Lee Kolb
December 25, 2021

Perfect size to hold all my cards. Removes the bulk from my back pocket wallet and places a card size item in my front pocket. No longer sitting on a thick billfold. Wish I would have done this years ago.

Darin R.
August 3, 2021

Neat. Clean. Sharp looking. I get compliments on my new copper GRID wallet all the time. I love how compact it is and is great for everyday use. It easily holds all of my cards and cash. It’s a great wallet and I’m very happy to have it. I highly recommend it. 👍🏽

August 3, 2021

Love this wallet, was genuinely surprised how much fits. Feels very good in my pocket and when (like right now during COVID) there are no cash bills I am using, I can also clip to the outside / and wear inside of my pocket. Solid purchase!

Justin G.
August 3, 2021

Got this for my 23 year old son for Christmas. He really loves it and so do I.It's well-made and really solid and the money clip works well. Finally, the antimicrobial factor is clearly a good thing right now. I'm seriously considering getting one.

Craig W
August 3, 2021

I just wanted to give a thanks for the great prize. The BUDDYPHONES will make a great gift for my niece.

Sandra Watts
July 17, 2021

Back in March I was exited to learn I won a pair of Fokus headphones that enhances spoken audio content by making vocals crisper and clearer. I didn't open them right away but recently went away and used on the plane. They made my trip very enjoyable. Very stylish and comfortable also.

Vincenza Buffalino
July 8, 2021

I was over the moon excited when I found out I had actually won a prize!! I was even more excited when my Fokus headphones arrived! They are amazing! Very high quality and they work perfect. With a family of 3 online learning and me doing Zoom meetings these were the perfect gadget for our family.

Angela Wright
July 8, 2021

I was so excited when I found out I won JuniorJams Volume Limited Headphones! I sure made one happy little girl screech with excitement when I gave them to her! I even got to pick out the color! These JuniorJams have amazing sound quality and my baby girl loves them. What an awesome giveaway this was with really cool prizes!

Katrina Williams
July 8, 2021

These plug in headphones work great not as comfortable as I would like the sound it good but with technology today plug in’s are not supported it would be great if you could use these both ways.

Diane Redcay
July 7, 2021

The kids really love the headphones. They work great and it is a comfortable fit. Plus it keeps em quiet.

Elena Martini
July 7, 2021

I’m loving my Fokus headphones, the sound quality and the overall look of this product is everything I could of asked for. To learn I was the lucky winner was the highlight of my year, I was shocked and couldn’t wait to receive them and Fokus didn’t disappoint, the brand and product is the Best!!! I wear them everyday, traveling to and from work, and when I’m working out at the gym. These are absolutely Amazing!!!

Letisha Williams
July 7, 2021

When I received the email to say I had won I was very happy as these headphones looked great for my son,they have padding on the top which is great and they can't go too loud which is so much better for my boy.They are such a fun headset aswell as you can change the sticker on the side to suit your child,my son went with the pirates.what a fun idea.

Amy Doyle
July 6, 2021

I was excited to be a winner of the Gadget User Fokus headphones! I love listening to music.These headphones looked like good quality ones so I couldn't wait to try. I love them! The sound is amazing! If you turn your volume up all the way you don't even have to have them over your ears and will still be able to make out every word. I like the look and feel of them. One thing that could be annoying is the pause/play button that's easy to press...I've hung up on calls on accident a few times. I've fallen asleep with them many times but the inside always pushes up against and hurts my ears but otherwise they're a good fit. Also I wish they came with buttons to skip through music. Overall I am pretty satisfied with these headphones! Would recommend!

Noella Price
July 6, 2021

I was the lucky winner of Fokus in their audio gadget giveaway. With 4 people in the house working from home, there was a battle as to who would get the new headphones. My oldest son won out because he spent the most time in virtual meetings. He says that they are amazing and that no one complains about not being able to hear him anymore.Thanks Gadgets User for choosing me as the winner!

Kathy N Scott
July 5, 2021

What do I think about this company? It's a amazing company, with amazing product for the best price

Whitney S Watts
July 5, 2021

I won a set of Fokus headphones and use them with my laptop and tablet. The sound quality is pretty decent and allows the ability to switch between voice quality and music. They fit pretty securely and are light weight. Give them a shot!

Michael Muldoon
July 5, 2021

I've been following Gadget User on socials for a few years now because I enjoy their no-nonsense, honest reviews of new tech products and gadgets. They also run some great giveaways which I always enter and was lucky enough to have won a set of IQbuds2 MAX Noise Cancelling Earbuds in one of their recent giveaways! The IQbuds2 MAX Earbuds are the best wireless earbuds I've ever used! They have a personalised EarID system which let me set up the buds to my own hearing profile. By doing this I've tweaked the settings to allow ambient sounds and conversations to not be completely cancelled and I can still hear what I want without having to remove the buds.The sound quality of the IQbuds2 MAX Noise Cancelling Earbuds is amazing for both watching TV without interruptions or listening to music. In fact, I've found myself quite often using them just to enhance (or cancel) sounds around me when I'm out and about!Thanks Gadget User!

Scotty Tidey
July 3, 2021

Was so excited to receive my prize, great quality sound and comfortable to wear while listening to my podcasts.

Cleo Sids
June 30, 2021

I was fortunate enough to win the 15 pound Baloo weighted blanket from Gadget User's Sleep Gadget Giveaway. Now, I've had sleeping issues all my life. It takes me forever to fall asleep, and I once I do, I usually wake up several times a night, once every few hours. Keeping that in mind, know that I am not exaggerating when I say this blanket has been literally life changing. I fall asleep a bit quicker, but more importantly, when I fall asleep I stay asleep. I can't remember the last time I've actually gotten a full 8 straight hours of sleep. It has impacted my entire life. I am no longer going through every day exhausted and groggy and cranky. I am more productive in my day to daylife and my work. The only thing that I could ask for otherwise is a heavier blanket! In fact, I may treat myself to a 25 pound one for Christmas, and use the 15lb one as my travel blanket. If you're considering the Baloo weighted blanket, do yourself a favor and just go for it!

Ebaa A
June 29, 2021

I've had a bit of time to try the back shield I won. This thing keeps my back lined up and straight when I sit, plus fits into any chair I sit in. I've needed this as I have a tendency to slouch. This seems to help with that as well as sitting straight. Great products from these guys as the testimonials keep coming in! Thank you!

Mike Bratek
June 2, 2021

I recently won the Lumicharge T2W! It makes for a great bedside table lamp in my bedroom. I like the three different types of LED lights as well as the built in wireless phone charger! The display screen has adjustable brightness and displays the current time and indoor temperature. Other features include an alarm and Bluetooth speaker which both work well but are not features I typically use on this product. Overall this product is very useful and it looks pretty nice too.

Travis Ramanaden
June 2, 2021

I was fortunate to win the Jaybrid Vista Earphones from Gadget User. Initially the sound wasn't great, but when I worked out how to fit them properly, the sounds is great! I use them everyday and the battery lasts ages. USB C charging too. Definitely recommend if you're in the market for some small earphones (especially for activity).

Ben Pollard
June 2, 2021

I was fortunate enough to be a winner of the dreamlight ease. If anyone is looking for an incredibly comfortable mask that blocks 100 percent of the light, I would recommend this mask. I am a very fussy sleeper and I could barely notice the mask was on my face. If your flying or even looking to take a quick purr in the office this mask won't let you down! It's light weight in nature and sleek in design. If you are someone having difficulty sleeping, you owe it to yourself to contact Gadget User and grab this product!

Sturrock Robinson
June 2, 2021