3 Prizes Total Prize Pool Value $597

Cubot NOTE 21 Smartphone Giveaway

1 Prizes Total Prize Pool Value $2500

CyberPowerPC Gaming Desktop Giveaway

3 Prizes Total Prize Pool Value $1500

Team Velocity 3 Quest 3 Giveaway

3 Prizes Total Prize Pool Value $597

CUBOT TAB 40 Global Giveaway

1 Prizes Total Prize Pool Value $1099

iPhone 15 Giveaway Worth $1,099

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Apple Vision Pro Giveaway Worth $3,499

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I've had a bit of time to try the back shield I won. This thing keeps my back lined up and straight when I sit, plus fits into any chair I sit in. I've needed this as I have a tendency to slouch. This seems to help with that as well as sitting straight. Great products from these guys as the testimonials keep coming in! Thank you!

Mike Bratek
June 2, 2021

I recently won the Lumicharge T2W! It makes for a great bedside table lamp in my bedroom. I like the three different types of LED lights as well as the built in wireless phone charger! The display screen has adjustable brightness and displays the current time and indoor temperature. Other features include an alarm and Bluetooth speaker which both work well but are not features I typically use on this product. Overall this product is very useful and it looks pretty nice too.

Travis Ramanaden
June 2, 2021

I was fortunate to win the Jaybrid Vista Earphones from Gadget User. Initially the sound wasn't great, but when I worked out how to fit them properly, the sounds is great! I use them everyday and the battery lasts ages. USB C charging too. Definitely recommend if you're in the market for some small earphones (especially for activity).

Ben Pollard
June 2, 2021